Monday, 24 December 2012

ever so... Wishing you a Merry Christmas

It is now officially Christmas eve. I am wrapped up in a thick blanket, sipping hot chocolate (with a big glug of Bailey's whirling about in it) and nibbling Mini Cheddars with a film on. I'm cosy and happy; a perfect time to quickly pop on very quickly and wish you all a Merry Christmas. I hope you enjoy the festivities and eat/drink more than you thought humanely possible and receive/give beautiful presents and just have a generally lovely time.
Chin chin! :- )

Sunday, 16 December 2012

ever so... Wishful - Issue #5

1: Mean Girl Gretchen T-shirt, £35.00 - Doll Boutique
In my wishlists, I always try to include what draws me to the particular item in question; for some items, it may purely be a lovely colour, or generally adorable, or would make my boobies look slammin'. (Ahem.)
This t-shirt, however... Oh, c'mon, people. I don't need to explain how fantastically awesome this t-shirt (and anything else Mean Girl-related) is now, do I!? 

2: Lace Collar Playsuit, £50.00 - Topshop
Even if this usually is a little more simple than what I'd usually go for, I really love the little detail it does have. It's sort of Victorian-sexy. (Well, very sexy and very rude and cheeky if we're going by Victorian standards. I dare you to show your ankles.)

3: Teeth Pendant, £9.10 - OASAP
Just a fantastically edgy, yet somehow still easy, little necklace. Would look lovely just settling in between your collar.

4: Earthquake Wedge Black Tapestry, £25.00 - Office
I rarely go on the Office website, unless I know a sale is on. It tends to be way out of my price range and, without sounding too cheap, the items never seem to be worth as much as they're selling for. But YES! Thank you, Office! A pair of shoes I really really love for a decent price!
Also, I don't know why I'm attracted to things that look like they're made from your Nan's sofa cushions but... Meh.

5: Cat Yoke Knit Dress, £18.96 - SheInside
Now, now. It's just not a weekly wishlist of mine without something with an animal face on. Adorably wonderful print on this wonderfully adorable number. I'm slightly suspicious it would look like a nightie without the collar, but I want it so much all the same. Kittyyyy!


Argh, Sundays - why do you torment me so!? Pretty much nearly everyone has shuffled off home for Christmas now, so I'm home alone and absolutely stone-cold bored. And I'm not leaving until Wednesday. Sob sob sob! So, I beseech unto you, fantastic fellow bloggees, the privilege of  keeping me company. Please. Else I shall go insane and start continuously posting pictures of my cat.
Aha, I kid, I'll do that anyway.

Until next time!

(Told you.)

Friday, 14 December 2012

ever so... Bloated

It's official: I am a big ole ball of rubbish. One week of having a blog-mind-block is understandable... Going on three weeks... Well... Not so much. C'mon now, Emma. Get your act together.

Aside from grown up weeks of panicking and a generally mashed head (mainly on the money and university front), it has been a lovely week. Everyone in the house will be setting off for home for the Christmas period in the next few days, so we've been celebrating. Student house style (which, of course, mainly involves bottles of cheap wine.)

Yesterday was our 'Christmas day'. We were far too poor to exchange presents, so it was a day of endless eating and plastic flute glasses filled with Snowballs. And decorations courtesy of the 99p Store. Oh, tack, how I love thee.
To say we were on a pretty tight budget, our Christmas dinner was actually really lovely (thank you for being so cheap, Iceland!) And after a day of cleaning, shopping, decorating and cooking, tucking into some turkey and pulling Christmas crackers with your friends was the perfect way to start the evening.

That said, I am so looking forward to heading back up the north. I've been feeling pretty homesick recently, having been so stressed, so having a few weeks just chilling out with some of my favourite people ever is just a big glaring light at the end of the tunnel right now. And, as much as I love the 'Big Smoke', I am a northern gal through and through... and it's always nice to have people around you that actually understand your ridiculously thick accent.
I'm spending my Christmas in Newcastle this year, rather than my hometown. Not gonna lie: I'm really looking forward to having a 'different' Christmas this time round. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love the tradition and the complete comfort of the day, but we have such a small family now, it'll be so fun doing something unusual. Plus, I absolutely love Newcastle; it's such an interesting, beautiful city with so much to do.
I am one excited little bean!

Our little Christmas table :- )

Until next time!

. I
will be getting back on board with my blog - I promise!

Monday, 3 December 2012

ever so... Wishful - Issue #4

1: Panther Face Skater Dress, £28.00 - Topshop
I'm an absolute sucker for anything with animals on it. I well and truly am. As much as I do love this dress (and I'm very impressed with the price - for Topshop, at least!), I reckon my bust would stretch this panther into some kind of Goonies' Sloth lookalike. Boobs: 1 - Panther: 0

2: Renewal Stripped Hooded Shirt, £30.00 - Urban Outfitters
Just a lovely little casual number for the every day slouches of life. Aaah.

3: Rivets Detailed Flat Shoes, £44.48 - ROMWE
Love the little metal detail right at the tiptoe. I never wear heels (can't walk in the buggers) so I'm always happy to find flat shoes that have that little somethin'-somethin' that I could wear on a night out. 

4: Smile Sweatshirt, £15.38 - BurgerAndFriends
I only just found out about this Etsy shop the other day through another blog, and I'm definitely a fan already. Most of their pieces feature cats so of course they get a big ole thumbs up from Little Miss Cat-Lady over here. Though cat-less, I do love this jumper; it's just a big ole smile to cheer up those gloomy days!

5: Lipstick in Fetish, £16.00 - Illamasqua
I'm thinking of smothering my lips with blueberries until I finally have enough spare cash to splash on this little gem. I pretty much want every single Illamasqua lipstick. Their colours are so unique and just... gorgeous. Unf. Want. Apocalips and Disciple are two other firm favourites.

6: Mustard Floral Drop Waisted Dress, £25.00 - Dahlia
And now to end with a pretty floral dress - the skirt is ever so girly and sweet. Mustard is one of my favourite colours for clothing. If I had things my way, I'd be forever walking round looking like a pot of Colman's.

Blog-wise, I've been a little bit slow this week. The stubborn pink lump of goo residing in my noggin seems to have had a bit of a falling out with me, and refuses to craft a fantastically witty and original blog post. I seem to have been staring gormlessly at blank Word documents for days... so, as any respectable girl would do, I took to playing Pokémon. I'm sure you all understand.

Hey, guys. Look at the little calender on your computer screen. Go on. You see that, too? It's December. The twelfth month - the period of festivity - the final freakin' month of the year. What!? Can someone come have a sit down with me and explain how on earth that happened? It doesn't seem five minutes ago I was sipping (*ahemneckingahem*) wine and warbling a rather slurred version of Auld Lang Syne as 2012 welcomed us.

Until next time, my lovelies!

PS. Here's a picture of my cat with sellotape on his head. You're welcome.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

ever so... Festively Frugal

In the words of wise old Noddy Holder:


... Okay. So perhaps not quite yet. I know I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I'm excited, alright? Hmph.

I won't lie to you, Reader: I loves me some Christmas cheer. Aah, the sparkly decorations, the booze, the food (oh my lord, the food) and even that uncomfortably cheesy Christmas film with Arnie Schwarzenegger (c'mon, don't lie, you love that film too.) It's just a lovely time of year, and everyone is just so excitable and cheery... and usually slightly tipsy from one too many Snowballs.

However, I'm one of those stereotypical university students. You know the type: spends all their loan on cocktails with sexual innuendos for names, and then suffers for the last couple of months with no money and a bowl of baked beans for breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Yup. That's me. (Although I do like to shake things up a bit and occasionally swap my baked beans for instant noodles.)
My debit card is sat somewhere shedding a tear. The helpless little thing is cold, alone and empty, aside from the odd pile of dust and an aimless moth or two.

So, despite my eagerness to throw tinsel on everything as soon as it hits November, I have no idea how I'm going to afford it.
Don't get me wrong, I know Christmas isn't just about the presents, but I genuinely like shopping for gifts. I love spending hours sniffing at different body butters and comparing necklaces and snuggling scarves in hopes to find a perfect gift for someone I love. And nothing makes me feel quite as festive as hauling an abundance of shopping bags through the chilled wind, with all the Christmas lights glistening away. Aaaah. ♥

Of course, my budget for prezzies is shameful - but, with a dose of luck (and a few hours combing through stores), I'll still be able to buy a few lovely bits and pieces for my specials! I might even look into a few ideas for crafts that I can throw their way, just for an added personal touch.
So I thought I'd gather a few of my gift ideas and present them to you: ten lovely little bits for under £10.
And so, on with the Festively Frugal show:

1: Q&A A Day: 5-Year Journal, £6.85 - Amazon
2: Guards Zip Purse, £6.00 - Cath Kidston
3: Tori Koala Bobble Hat, £8.00 - Boohoo
4: Soft Animal Slippers, £8.00 - Urban Outfitters
5: Colour Unlimited Nail Effects, £9.99 - Superdrug

1: Bright Aztec Bow Tie, £8.00 - Topman (Purely here because "men + bowtie = mrooow" (hashtagMATH))
2: American Flag Scarf, £9.99 - New Look
3: The Hungoevr Cookbook, £5.59 - Debenhams
4: The Mega Nibblatron, £7.50 - Hotel Chocolat
5: Jack Daniel's with Coin Tray and Hip Flask, £8.00 - Debenhams


So there's a few ideas I've been throwing around!
 - What do you reckon? Have you got any more penny-wise present ideas? And will you try to be keeping a tightened purse string, or do you prefer to splash out?

Until next time, guys!

Sunday, 25 November 2012

ever so... Wishful - Issue #3

1: Lady Stardust Dress, £71. 89 - Nasty Gal
I'm an absolute sucker for bright colours and tie-dye. This dress is just so cool. Probably not ideal for the bitter weather England is about to bestow on us, but would be fantastic when summer comes back around!

2: Paisley Print Sweatshirt, £22.99 - Pull&Bear
I absolutely love paisley print. The bagginess of the jumper would give that "I'm a casual kinda gal!" look, and still keep you snuggly warm!

3: Disco Kicks, £28.00 - Yayer
I need some flatforms in my life - especially of the lucid metallic and/or glitter variety!

4: Khaki Army Jacket, £48.00 - Topshop
I'm really not a 'winter' person at all; I find it so difficult to find big bulky (warm) coats that I actually like, and so I tend to go for jackets and just layer up. I love how casual army jackets are, and there are just so many ways to wear them!

5: Purrfect Glitter Cat Ears with Eyelash Lace, £15.00 - Crown and Glory
I think these are so adorable! Honestly, anything with added cat ears and glitter gets my vote.

6: MIAH Tribal Aztec Bird Ring, £12.00 - RocknRose
I don't tend to wear a lot of jewelry, but what I lack in general-jewelry-wearing abilities, I definitely make up for in ring-wearing abilities. (Silly rabbit, those aren't abilities!) I love buying really interesting pieces, and wearing ridiculous amounts of them to the point I can barely lift my arms anymore. What can I say; I'm a bling queen. Yo.


As for this week, it's been a pretty slow one, if I'm honest; full of university work and bad TV! My housemates and I did win two bottles of red wine at the pub quiz though - the extra bonus is that I'm the only one who is willing to drink the stuff. In regards to my last post, Jefferson (who is currently pretending my right arm is his prey, making this quite the task to type) seems to be telling all his feline-friends what I sucker I am. I spent a good 20 minutes last night stood at the door freezing my wombles off, feeding four cats a packet of ham. Seriously, I'm too much of a softie and can't say no to animals.
I didn't choose the spinster life - the spinster life chose me.

Until next time, lovelies!

Thursday, 22 November 2012

Life Through Instragram || Issue #1 (Plus my slow transformation into Dr. Dolittle)

cheeky game of dominoes  up+up  sweet old camden town 
 brighton pier  positivity  autumnal feet 
 ahoo selfy  WICKED  candy floss clouds 
 mango&passionfruit cooler  sparklesss  lipsandheart 
 dream catcher  strawberry and champagne victoria sponge (made me yours truly :D)  eyeseeyoouuu 

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In other news: my week has been completely taken over by animals, it seems. My fluffball of a hamster got really sick - until, typically, he got to the vets, where he thought it'd be appropriate to chew through the box we had carried him in, and jump around the consulting room. He's on antibiotics now, and gone back to his usual hyperactive self, and thankfully we haven't had any more runny poo to clean up. Mm.
We also seem to have acquired a cat! He's a gorgeous little thing; so loving and playful (though slightly needy - he literally sits outside the bathroom door and cries until you're back out again), who we've decided to call Jefferson.
I absolutely love having pets. I'm such a sucker when it comes to animals. Living in a student house, I was worried it wouldn't be a possibility - but here they are! Give it a couple more weeks, and I'll have my own little army of critters.

Until next time!

PS. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone across the pond!